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Dragon Scales - Full Version

Download and run this patch program Dsfull-151-to-20.exe (1.3MB) to convert your V1.51 into V2.0.

The patch program will ask you to find the folder (directory) in which you installed Dragon Scales. Then it will update everything that has changed. Next time you run the game it will have been transformed into the latest version.

Contact if you have an older version than V1.51, or if you have problems with the patch - we will send you a fresh URL to download the latest full version directly.

V2.0 adds new colours and shapes (there's an option to stick with the old shapes if you prefer). There's an option to send pieces off the board instantly rather than have them 'fly' to their boxes. Two extra 'hand' graphics have been added. There are also some minor fixes and improvements.