Operating as a kaleidoscope

Once you've tried out setting the screensaver options, you know the elements of operation as a kaleidoscope which also happens in the Settings screen . Here are some of the most important things to know:

  • When you press 'Detach' to show the kaleidoscope in a separate window, you can stretch or maximise this window as you like. If you move the Settings dialog to the bottom right of the screen, you can make room for a large kaleidoscope window that does not interfere with the Settings options. Or you can check the box that stops it coming to the top.

  • Checking 'Manual' mirror movement allows you to control the mirrors using the arrow keys. Hold down the Shift key to make them move faster

  • Select your choice of magnification and reflection options.

  • On the right-hand side are options to load a specific picture. You can also save the current kaleidoscope image. Either press 'Save Kaleidoscope Image' to save it just as it is, or press 'Save Large Image' to save it in any size you like.

That covers all the main controls! For the rest, just hover the mouse over the control to read what it does, then try it. Have fun!

The 'I want to...' section of this manual answers a few frequently asked questions about how to do certain things.