New in Version 2.0

   For those with earlier versions (previous was V1.21), V2.0 has a number of significant new features, listed below.

  •    3-Mirror mode: This allows the creation of a tiled image that fills the screen, as if created from three mirrors in a triangle. While configuring, click on 'Special' to decide how often they come up in screensaver mode.

  •    Supersampling: This feature means that every pixel of the kaleidoscope image on screen is created by averaging the calculated colour from four positions within the pixel, giving a much smoother image. [You can switch it off if it causes a slowdown, but probably it won't affect speed too much.]

  •    Sub-pixel movement: When the starting picture is small, extra calculations are done to give the effect of the mirrors moving at fractional values of a pixel on the starting image. This more or less eliminates the slight 'jerkiness' that was present when the mirrors moved slowly in curves. [The effect won't be visible in 'Split-Screen' mode, only on the kaleidoscope image itself.]

  •    Save large images: The most requested new feature - you can now save out images of up to 5000 x 5000 pixels, suitable for printing etc.

  •    Use same image always: There is a new feature allowing you to always use the same image in screensaver mode. It will select the last image you were viewing when you left Settings mode. To access this, click on the 'Spectial' button and check the appropriate box.

  •    New mirror movement modes: The mirrors can now be set to move around the source picture in two new patterns. One is a tiled version in which it scans in straight lines across multiple copies of the original picture. The other is a cross between 'loop' and 'fade' in which it repeatedly fades towards a nearby location on the source picture.

  •     Set priority class: While 'idle' priority is the standard for screensavers, 'normal' priority can sometimes have its uses, especially on slow computers. You can set it to normal priority via the 'Special' dialog, but be aware that off-line print jobs etc. could be affected. This only affects screensaver mode - priority in Settings mode is always normal. [If you don't know or care, leave it at the default 'idle'.]