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Here are some typical Brewster screenshots. Brewster fills the screen, at whatever resolution you normally run Windows at, but the images here are reduced in size to speed downloading.

Brewster images are created from 'Patterns', of which 55 are currently supplied, and you can easily generate your own. Each pattern is a set of instructions regarding the shapes, colours and symmetry used by Brewster. However even within a single pattern, there can be room for lots of variation. Examples of this are shown below.

Don't forget that in the real thing these patterns are full-screen and move smoothly! You haven't really seen Brewster until you install it on your own PC. Download the self-extracting executable from here. Don't worry about filling your hard disk - it creates an uninstaller that will remove it completely, should you wish to do so.


Iris 1

This is typical of the 'Iris' pattern.

The 'Snowflake' pattern is another slowly-moving pattern that is relaxing to look at.

Christmas Tree 1

The 'Christmas Tree' pattern uses the 'Three-Mirror' option that was added in Version 3.0 of Brewster.

Filigree 1

Here's one example of the 'Filigree' pattern, which creates rotating spirals in a mixture of colours. The image shape is set to 'Oval' in this pattern, so it fills the screen better than circular patterns like 'Iris' and 'Snowflake'.

Filigree 2

But when you select the 'Filigree' pattern as one of the set you want Brewster to use, it might just as easily look like this...

Filigree 3

...or this! Even a single pattern can have endless variety.

Active 1

The 'Active' pattern is a pattern of triangles in various colours, which uses the 'Rectangle' screen option to fill the screen completely.

Active 2

Another example of the 'Active' pattern.

Horribly distorted Snowflake

What if we set the screen option for 'Snowflake' to rectangular? Hmmm... perhaps not!

But the beauty of a kaleidoscope lies partly in the way that no matter what shapes you put in it, the result is nearly always strangely beautiful... that's why Brewster has a 'Randomise' option that can create new patterns indefinitely. They don't always look wonderful, but you can select the best and modify them. Why not give it a try?

If you want to save out your own images, the Brewster manual contains instructions for doing so. There are no restrictions on your use of any images you create in this fashion.