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Brewster Kaleidoscopic Screensaver

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Brewster is a spectacular screensaver for Windows (any variety from 95 up to Windows 7), which simulates a kaleidoscope. The images are full-screen and change slowly as you watch, never repeating. You will never tire of it!

Use the buttons above to download a free trial version, or purchase the full version (you'll instantly be sent a registration code that will remove the 'Demonstration' messages). The current version is V6.21, but the price of $19.95 also entitles you to any future upgrades that may be released.

Download extra or user-created patterns from here .

Requires: Windows 9x / NT / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7

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Cool kaleidoscope image


The anti-aliasing feature eliminates the effect of individual screen dots, giving a crystal clarity which will leave you stunned...Other features include music or chimes. You can just watch as the endless patterns roll by, or control every aspect of their generation in detail - the choice is yours. Brewster comes with an extensive Windows help file, as well as instant help boxes on all the pattern generation controls. It can be a software toy as well as a screensaver.

You can look at the images in the Gallery and on this page to get a feel for what Brewster can do. However, it's nearly as fast to try out the program and see the images move in real time. Download the evaluation version now to experience the magic of a kaleidoscope on your PC screen! Brewster comes with an easy automatic installer / uninstaller. You can try it for as long as you like - this demonstration version shows a message periodically when in full-screen mode, but is otherwise fully functional.

When (or if) you want to purchase, a secure online registration service is just a click away. They can generate your code automatically, so you should receive it within minutes if you pay by credit card. If you're not comfortable sending credit card details over the Internet, they will be happy to accept payment in a variety of ways. The price is only $19.95, and this is one screensaver that you will still be using in a year's time, or two... Your registration is valid for all future versions.

     A picture is worth a thousand words...      Full many a GIF is born to blush unseen...

Do you know anyone who is interested in kaleidoscopes (or mandalas)? Why not suggest that they visit - they'll thank you for it! There are dozens of programs on the net describing themselves as kaleidoscopes, but many of them have little to do with the concept - Brewster and Magic Mirror in particular operate in ways analogous to real kaleidoscopes.