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Price List / Value Bundles

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You can buy individual product licenses directly from their own description pages, or by clicking on the price tags on the right hand side of this page. (Clicking on the product names goes to the description pages.)

Every order also gives you a discount 'coupon' code valid for a month, which offers a saving of $3 on any new order from this list (including value bundles) during that period. Enter your discount code in the appropriate box on the order form, and the $3 will automatically be subtracted from the standard price.

If you are going for one of the value bundles (see further down), note the codes for the products you are interested in - otherwise the codes don't matter.


Pay via your PayPal account

If you want to use PayPal instead, send the appropriate amount to . Be sure to mention which product(s) you want!




   HyperCurve Screensaver



   Brewster Kaleidoscopic Screensaver



   Magic Mirror Screensaver



   Bindweed Screensaver Manager












   Dragon Scales   (Not CDROM)






   Clear It!



   4-Pack   (Four older games)



You can make substantial savings - especially on screensavers - by buying two or three of the above as a single order! Note the codes for each product you want, and select the appropriate 'Buy' link below. The codes are just so the automated order system can send you your registration codes and/or download links immediately. Just enter them separated by spaces when you are asked at the end of the ordering process.

For example, if you wanted Brewster, Bubbler, and the four older games, you would click on the 'Triple Value Pack' below and when asked enter "BREW BUB 4PK" - the order doesn't matter. If you have problems, leave it blank and just email Gerry Quinn with your choices.




   Double Value Pack (any two products)



   Triple Value Pack (any three products)



Ordering and fulfilment are contracted out to a specialist service (ShareIt, now a subsidiary of Digital River). The ordering pages are of course securely encrypted and you can check their security/privacy information via the link at the top right of the ordering page. Alternatively, payment by cheque or wire transfer is no problem. Your email address and other personal information will be held in strictest privacy and will not be passed on to any third party.

Email me if you have any concerns regarding online ordering - Gerry Quinn.