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Requires: Windows 95 / 98 / NT4 / 2000 / ME / XP

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HexaFun is based on the popular 'five-in-a-line' type games but with great graphics and totally customisable. Instead of always having to make a line, you can set it so you just have to make a group of touching crystals. Also, instead of moving crystals individually, you have the option of rotating a group of six around a point, making a completely different style of game. Finally, you can change the size of the board, the number of crystals that have to be got in line, and so on...

Here's a screenshot of the game, followed by one of the window where you can create your own rules. (In the game you can see that three magic crystals are available for use - just as well because the small board is filling up and at this point four crystals are dropping every turn. Just one of the many variations you can choose to play!)



That's a small board, you can make a giant one if you like...



The above should be pretty self-explanatory! You just select the options to create your own version of the game, which will appear in the drop down list and have its own individual high-score table.