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Current version is V2.5. If you have a full version earlier than V2.11, email us for a download URL for the latest version. Otherwise, download the upgrade patch Bubbler-211-to-25.exe.

Requires: Windows 9x / NT / ME / XP, 16-bit colour, Pentium II

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Bubbler is the new arcade puzzle challenge that takes bubble puzzles to a new level!

Bubbler in action

Bubbles appear at the bottom and float upwards. Blow them with the fan to pop groups of three or more the same colour. Popped bubbles release creatures that may do good or harm - but with care you can undermine and drop the nasties...

You've probably played games where you fire bubbles from a cannon, but the Bubbler fan control is quite a change of pace - give it a try today!

See for yourself - download the trial version! (It's about 1.3 MB.)

Main changes in Version 2.5:

- All monster types have individual sound effects

- Various tweaks to game balance. Some rule changes to encourage quick clearing of levels.