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Clear It!

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Version 4.2 (released 19 June 2003) has better dialog graphics, and some other minor improvements. To upgrade from a previous version, just install to the same directory.

Requires: Windows 95 / 98 / NT4 / 2000 / ME / XP

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Clear It! is a unique and interesting puzzle game. The rules are simple but the challenge is endless - you can even redesign the game to make it easier or more difficult. Here's a screenshot of the game (small for the purposes of this web page, but you can stretch or maximise it freely).


Typical game in progress

You just place the pieces on the board to make a rectangle of one colour, and the rectangle disappears along with all pieces of the same colour connected to it. In this level, a 3x2 rectangle is required. Use your strategy skills to get rid of bad areas by connecting them to a colour rectangle.

The top green piece is next to be played (the three below will then move up and another will appear at the bottom). Rotate and play it on the board to make a 3x2 green rectangle (can you see how?) and all the green squares will disappear, as they are in a single group.

With V4 you can now play against the clock if you want. A timer bar appears in timed levels - fail to play a piece in time, and the punishment is that a random empty square becomes coloured. Of course timed play is optional.

The trial version has a score limit in the standard game, and a lower limit in any levels you design. But you can experiment with all the options.

Here's a screenshot of the level design dialog. You can change nearly everything about the game to make it easier or harder. New levels you create are just the same as standard levels, with their own hi-score tables etc.


Level design screenshot

Another game screenshot follows - a red 5 x 3 rectangle has just been made (at the top of the board) and is fading away - all attached red squares are fading too. A bonus score will be awarded because the rectangle is bigger than the necessary 4 x 3. This screenshot is actually from Version 3, hence the plain colours - but it illustrates the principle nicely.

The second piece coming up will allow us to get rid of the green area - but a plan will be needed for getting rid of those yellow and purple bits scattered around...


Another game in progress

In case you wondered, Tetris-style pieces are just one option among several. And needless to say, there are also special multi-coloured pieces just in case things get too easy!