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Reviews for Clear It!


" easy-to-learn, hard to master challenge which should fascinate for quite a while."

Rocket Downloads


"An addictive and very challenging game of matching blocks. Very easy to learn but excruciatingly difficult to win"

Shareware Junkies

4-5 stars

"Download this game and give it a try, but don't forget to call out for pizza or something, cause dinner time will come and go while you sit there, saying 'just one more time - this can't be this hard - it looks SOOO easy!'"


Some unsolicited comments from users:
"Very enjoyable and original"

"I am addicted to the thing!"

"My 9-year old son picked up the game within minutes, and enjoyed creating his own levels"

"You sadist! Now that I have played to a high enough score, I see some of the pieces that make that cross-shaped thing look good!"