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Rainbow curves and kaleidoscopes swirl about the screen, gently fading into the background. Try it and be amazed!

Use the buttons above to download a free trial version, or purchase a full version license (you'll instantly be sent a link to download it from).

Requires: Windows 9x / NT / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7

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HyperCurve Settings

The images are created from moving rainbow curves that change colour as they move around the screen. The variety is tremendous - some typical variants are shown below. (You really have to try it, though - the quality suffers when they are squashed into small images like these, and some of the cool Moire patterns etc, just don't reproduce at all.)

Mini-kaleids (symmetric) - they avoid each other on screen Striped lines, shape-number is 2 for simple moving lines

Thin lines, many visible, striped curve Skew kaleidoscope, stripes, changing colour

Very thin lines, very many visible, striped curve Skew kaleidoscope, multi-coloured, constant colour, fast fade

When (or if) you want to purchase, a secure online registration service is just a click away. They can generate your code automatically, so you should receive it within minutes if you pay by credit card. If you're not comfortable sending credit card details over the Internet, they will be happy to accept payment in a variety of ways. The price is only $19.95, and your license is valid for all future versions.