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Bindweed Screensaver Manager

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Bindweed Screensaver Manager is an innovative new screensaver manager and randomizer. Run it as as a screensaver, and it will detect your normal screensavers and run them at intervals you choose. (It can even run up to twenty at once, in small panels.) The intuitive 'Hearts' interface allows you to control not only which screensavers are chosen, but how often individual ones are likely to appear - it's not only more powerful than other screensaver randomizers, but also easier to use!

Use the buttons above to download a free trial version, or purchase a full version license (you'll instantly be sent a link to download it from). As with our other products, upgrading is free - the price of $19.95 entitles you to all future versions (current version is V1.3).

Requires: Windows 9x / NT / ME / XP.    Any other compatibility requirements depend on the screensavers you run.

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To pay via PayPal, or save $$$ by buying several of our products at once in a value bundle, see our Price Summary page.


Bindweed Screensaver Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use screensaver manager - see below for an picture of its settings screen. Just select the screensavers of your choice and assign them one to five hearts using the buttons on the right of the listbox. If you don't want to see them, set them to zero hearts. You can add non-standard screensavers if you want, and sort them by hearts, internal name, or filename.

Screensaver Manager Settings

Run a single screensaver, or run up to twenty in panels - the choice is yours! A compatibility mode allows you to start a single random screensaver once only - this should allow even very non-standard screensavers to run with the screensaver manager.

Bindweed Screensaver Manager comes with an easy and automatic installer / uninstaller. You can try it for as long as you like - the trial version operates just like the full version, but from time to time, instead of a screensaver, you'll get a message.

When (or if) you want to purchase, a secure online registration service is just a click away. They can generate your code automatically, so you should receive it within minutes if you pay by credit card. If you're not comfortable sending credit card details over the Internet, they will be happy to accept payment in a variety of ways. The price is only $19.95, and your license is valid for all future versions.