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Use the buttons above to download a free trial version, or purchase an unlock code to convert it to the full version. Or visit our main page for more great games!

Version 1.1 (released Jan 2005) - contains a small fix (solve window was disappearing when 'Esc' was pressed).

Requires: Windows 9x / NT4 / 2000 / ME / XP

Chomp! is also available as part of several value bundles.

Chomp! is our latest puzzle game. As usual, the rules are simple but you can re-design the game to make it as easy or as difficult as you like. The object is simply to remove all the squares in groups of a certain size. All squares in a group must be connected, and all must be a different colour. That's it!

The name 'Chomp!' comes from the way you make a deduction and take a little bite away from the position, which in turn may make the next move obvious. In some ways it's a little like 'Minesweeper'.

Here's a screenshot of a (medium difficulty) game in progress. There are four colours and four squares per group, so each group must have one of each. Each puzzle has exactly one solution. The player has activated the 'hint' option, and the computer has found a set of four that can safely be removed, as there is no other possibility for the red square marked 'X'. [There's got to be a green square in the group containing it, and only one of the nearby green squares can be reached without going through a second red one.]


Demonstrating Hint Mode in action

Maybe you can spot a few more removeable groups in the bottom half of the board - the top half is a bit trickier...

You don't have to accept help from the computer - in fact there's an option to do away with hint mode altogether. You can also generate random puzzle arrays that may have multiple solutions - to win you have to find just one of them.

The board can be any size up to 30x30, with up to ten colours. You can also define the amount of 'holes' in the starting pattern.

At around 1MB, Chomp! is a small download, so give it a try today!