Magic Mirror can create moving full-screen images from any picture. (It can render full-size images in real time.)

  • Use it as a screensaver - it will load pictures randomly, and show randomised moving kaleidoscopic views of them.

  • Use it as a kaleidoscope - load any picture and select the mirror configuration and magnification, and move around either automatically or using the arrow keys. You can save the resulting images as ordinary .BMP files for wallpaper or similar purposes.

You'll never tire of the images it can produce; even a single picture can produce an enormous variety of kaleidoscopic images. The full version comes with a set of 55 specially-selected pictures carefully chosen to give an excellent variety of colours and shapes - but you can add your own .BMP images from any source - family photos, famous paintings, scans from magazines, images downloaded from the internet, or whatever!

The free trial version works similarly to the full version, so you can try out the different options. It is an attractive screensaver that doesn't time out. However it can only operate with the five built-in pictures - it can't load or use others.

A full version license and download can be purchased from Bindweed Entertainment Software. Just visit the Magic Mirror Page and click on the 'Buy Now' link at the top go to the secure ordering page. This is also the place to go for information about new versions etc.

You can also visit the main site and follow the link to Magic Mirror, or to our other screensavers and games.