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Tiler's Torment

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"A jigsaw-puzzle-type game with an interesting twist... plenty of challenge" - ZDNet

Requires: Win 3.1 or later

2nd January 2002 - Also now available as part of several value bundles.

Tiler's Torment is a jigsaw-like puzzle game for Windows 3.1+. (It will work fine on later versions of Windows also).

The purpose is simply to arrange a set of tiles in a fixed area (left of diagram below) so the colours at every edge match. You can change or maximise the window size to use more of the screen, so if the tiles in the diagram are a bit hard to see clearly, don't worry.)

Game screenshot

The tiles can be generated in ten different tesselations (patterns). You can edit the puzzles in many ways, creating your own patterns to any specifications you desire. So you have infinitely many puzzles, as hard or as easy as you want. Of course all the options you expect such as tile rotation and auto-solving are there - mostly accessable via the easy-to-use toolbar.